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Hello world!

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Hello World! is the default message for the first post on WordPress, and I intend to leave it. Also, “Hello World” is the first message many programmers create after learning how to script a small program.  When I studied Architecture, my “Hello World” -and very first- exercise was to identify and analyze some important event on my city. I still remember we chose the trip people was doing every day to commute from home to work and viceversa, and how it’s linked with the city’s geography.

When I started my first research project, it came my second academic “Hello World”: the quest for funding. I was not involved on my PhD research yet, but we could somehow go for a final dissertation research project to get our BSc degrees. I applied for undergraduate research funding from a private company, and I got it. Scheduling, reports and 6 (6!!) interim assessments was the price to pay for my first funded project: €1200. I got a laptop and some books 🙂

Now, I am working my PhD research. I’m working on mixed (digital/physical) modelling tools and its impact on architectural education. After some experience in research, my new “Hello world” is to become a productive writer. I am currently following some advices from #acwri (academic writing, Twitter) and #phdchat, but I will leave that experience for other post. Enough introduction so far!

And by the way English is not my first language, so this blog is also an exercise for my writing skills 🙂





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September 6, 2012 at 1:36 pm

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